Ensuring children’s welfare remains a challenge in Namibia, especially for the poor

Afrobarometer Dispatch No. 612 | March 2023

This dispatch reports on a special survey module included in the Afrobarometer Round 9 (2021/2023) questionnaire to explore Africans’ attitudes and perceptions related to child welfare.

Survey findings show that about half of all adult Namibians report that children not attending school is a frequent problem in their community, while slightly fewer report child abuse and neglect as a common occurrence.

A majority of citizens view using physical force to discipline children as justified, although a similar proportion believe that the use of physical force for discipline does not occur frequently in their community.

More than half of Namibians believe that vulnerable children can find help in their communities, and most are satisfied with the government’s efforts to protect the well-being of children in the country.

Overall, these views are shaped by where respondents live, their wealth, and their educational levels.