Aerial view of Windhoek. In the background are the Auas Mountains (2016).

Urbanisation, Public Goods Provision and Quality of Democracy in Namibia Survey – FES Namibia project

This survey was conducted at the behest of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) Namibia. The report was launched on 28 September 2022 in Windhoek.

The Just City project’s aim is to improve an empirical understanding of the relation between the provision of public goods and support for democracy by investigating the social and political shifts that occur with the movement of citizens from rural into urban areas.

Urbanisation is one of the broad manifestations of modernisation in Africa. It is associated with better prospects for wage employment, literacy and education, social and economic upward mobility, prosperity and basic services such as clean water, sewerage and electricity. It is mostly Africa’s youth that are migrating to the large city in the hope that they may be able to achieve, at least some degree of prosperity and improved livelihood.

PHOTO: Aerial view of Windhoek. 2016 Hp.Baumeler, WIKIPEDIA COMMONS

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